Thursday, 20 June 2013

Ipython Notebook: Leaving Cert Hypothesis Testing Question

* The whole thing is embedded after the jump.
This is my attempt to explain 2-Sided Hypothesis Testing by answering a Leaving Cert question. You can try it on my Wakari page by clicking here. If you decide to download and run it you can  go to 'Cell' followed by 'Run All'. Then if you change any values you can use CTRL + ALT to run an individual cell.

Here is where you can change the variables* for the question. What is even cooler are the local variables, explained after the jump.

* I know confidence interval isn't the right term

Anywhere you see local variables you can change them without affecting the question. Here is the answer to the question

But what if the standard score had been 2.4?

Or we had a different rejection region?

Anyway there are a few things you can mess about with.

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