Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Jokes That Work Well With Foreign Speakers

Well jokes that might work well with foreign speakers - there will be no money-back guarantees on this blog. When  I first started going abroad I had some difficulty speaking to large groups with mixed levels of English.I tend to be very enthusiastic and speak too quickly - and the level of English of some foreigners is so good that you just forget it is not their natural language. The following jokes have served me very well:

I Know Only One Phrase In French:
This works well with French people, obviously. They will be expecting you to say, "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi". Of course, I am made of sterner stuff. Their expectation just sets the joke up. The next line is, "Mon age á trois". At this point you don't want any francophiles present as they will mock your pronunciation - runing the joke. Now that you have disappointed your audience by apparently substituting one risqué phrase for another, you can drop the punchline:

I know, how useful is it to be able to say you are three-years old?

Why Do Farts Smell?
So deaf people can enjoy them as well.
Yes, toilet humour does travel very well. I just hope this one isn't offensive to deaf people.

Did You Hear About That New Pirate Movie?
First of all you will need a prop for this one. I usually grab a napkin from a nearby table. This is used to cover one before delivering the punchline:
It's rated rrrrrrrr.

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