Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fascinating Mini-Tournament

I played a tournament on BBO the other night that, despite only lasting six hands, brought up some interesting hands.

On Board 1 our opponents bid to a cold 5 that left us looking to hold it to 11 trick to break even.

For the five diamond bid I expected dummy to hit with values in clubs (otherwise bid a major or look for 3NT). I led off with a low ♣ running the risk of losing tricks in the majors. However, this is matchpoints and if I picked the wrong major it could be just as bad. I led low to give the impression of an honour but, unfortunately, declarer had no decision to make.

 Declarer ruffed a heart to lead a trump and partner took their A. If they had ducked this, another trump lead would have given them an opportunity for the Days-Of-Thunder play: leading back a club to prematurely cut declarer off from dummy.

On board two partner opened 2NT on an 18-count and went down 3 vulnerable.

On board 3 we bid to an unlucky 4 going down on the 3-0 break if your opponents, as they did against us, take there diamond and spade tricks early.

What partner missed was the no-cost play of leading the J to induce an auto-cover from North. Such situations are thoroughly covered in bridge literature so it is nice to see one at the table.

On board 4 we chose the wrong time to steal the contract (West picked a good time to pass with 13HCP) but I made some good decisions to make the contract.

After three rounds of clubs I have to decide how to play the hearts. The curious opening lead tells me that LHO has something in spades and probably AJ(x+). I was playing to drop the A9 with East. Fortunately West never found a switch (or East the unblock in clubs) and I finished off with a pretty endplay.

 This was good for 55%. If the opponents had been non-vul it would have been worth a lot more. One of those hands where the key suit (hearts) is easier in defence than as declarer.

On board 5 I made a spade overcall that led partner to make the only lead to let out 4. I am ok with this as with a regular partner I would make an ELCD double. At teams it might be better to let this one go but the par is 3D*-1 so I think it is the right decision to compete despite the heart and club holdings.

Board 6 was a quiet 2D+3 for 55%.

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