Friday, 23 March 2012

Draw Analyzer

Here is  a screenshot from another program I have written recently (explained after the jump):

You enter your query in the box . Here I have selected all 6f races from Pontefract. It then analyzes each handicap to produce the above graph.

  • LSP: level-stakes profit
  • lbs: pounds beaten using the formula lengths beaten * 16 / furlongs
  • omp: odds (decimal) minus pounds beaten, which is my own stat. I used when reading through results in the Weekender Results Supplement. You might make the mistake of thinking that because the first three home were drawn in the first five stalls that low numbers were favoured but omp can help you see  how likely this was. I am not sure if it provides much value in an analysis like this but I included it so I could see.

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