Friday, 23 March 2012

Races To Pdf

Here is a sample of another program I wrote recently that takes a collection of races and outputs it to Pdf. The vagaries are explained after the jump.

I left out table headers to save space. I am writing this for me so I have only included what I found relevant. The first table row goes position, draw, name, odds, ignore*, ignore, lengths beaten*, or, ts, rpr. The next table row is the comment on the horse. The next table row are the horse's subsequent results ordered by finishing position. There is a lot of work to be done with this row but, for now, I just wanted to be able to use different fonts and colours in different lines and parts of lines. For example, a bold number (in the triple-slash stats) indicates it beats his performance in the above race, red indicates a winning run, bold indicates a run in a higher grade.

On the right (the page has two columns) you may have noticed colours in the draw box. The scheme varies depending on the number of runners but for 13 or more the low six are yellow, the high six are blue, and the middle stalls are green.

The number of runners on top is in green (now changed to blue). This should mean that four of the top five were held up. My intention is to develop a program for Quirin speed points. My problem is there were over 39,000 individual runner comments last year. This gives me a quick bead to check the comments against expectations. One bug already found was the comment 'Dwelt, soon led'. I had all dwelt comments going in the held-up category.

Here is a sample for those who might be interested.

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