Friday, 23 March 2012

NeoClipse and Neo4j

The home icon is the built-in starting point* for my database. From there I can traverse nodes (data stores) relationships (named links between data stores) to find what I am looking for. I am going to follow the relationship marked 'NUMBER'. This is a boring link to the  number nodes, there is one node for each number from 1-200. From there I select the node with numberValue=128. The database only contains flat horses so this should only link to very good horses.

* For a similar example check out the Visual Thesaurus. I believe the word 'set' will keep you busy for a while.

Here we see the individual result from a race where a horse has achieved an official rating, racing post rating, or topspeed of 128. This includes Nathaniel, So You Think, Cirrus Des Aiges, and Workforce three times. I have not followed racing for quite some time so when I saw Cirrus Des Aiges I feared that a Nation Hunt imposter had slipped into my ranks. I clicked on his result for further inspection.

So it was the Champion Stakes in October. You can see all the horses details from the run by clicking on the race.

As a bonus here is what 100 Class 4 Handicaps looks like:

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