Thursday, 26 April 2012

Geoff Shreeves vs Twitter

When I came home from bridge on Tuesday night Twitter was aflutter over remarks made by Geoff Shreeves to Islanovic during the post-match interview. Here is a video clip mixing it with The Simpsons' episode where Lisa dates Ralph:

Quotes after the jump:

 From The Mirror's excellent tweet-my-goal column, such as the following:
Geoff Shreeves queuing up outside primary schools to tell kids their goldfish has died
And ... 
Geoff Shreeves, coming to a Grotto near you, to tell kids Santa isn't real.

Lee Westwood even got in on the action by tweeting:
Geoff Shreeves has just been on the phone telling me I've never won a major!
and retweeting:
Geoff Shreeves is in the Barca dressing room informing each player individually that they won't be playing in the final

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