Friday, 20 January 2012

Another Everything-Is-Okay Block

The following hand is from the Terence Reese book 'The Most Puzzling Situations in Bridge'.

West leads the K against your 6NT. You have 11 tricks if the spades are breaking with an easily established twelfth in diamonds. How do you play?

If you win the A and run the spades, you lack the entries to establish a second diamond trick. However, if you lead the J now, you will be finished if spades do not break - as dummy has no good discard.

The solution is to play spades backwards or, as I call it, the Everything-Is-Okay Block. Play to the A♠ and back to the K♠. If the spades are breaking, you only need to establish a diamond. If spades are 4-1, you are now in hand to take advantage of the very favourable heart and club lie found below - with a low spade available as a discard on the J. 3♠+4+2+3♣ = 12 tricks.

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