Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy 65th Birthday David Bowie

When I was 16, at the end of a weekend of bridge training in Dublin, I stopped off in HMV on the walk back to the bus. I had very little money and wasn't feeling well. I had to choose between buying food or buying something to listen to on the bus, in those days the individual lights often failed to work so reading was out. I chose to go with a David Bowie compilation. It was an excellent choice. 'Absolute Beginners' and 'Drive-In Saturday' really hit my sweet spot.

Here are my favourite Bowie songs:

Absolute Beginners:

Oh You Pretty Things:

Drive-In Saturday

Life On Mars:

Ashes To Ashes:

Space Oddity:

Wild Is The Wind:

Ziggy Stardust:

The Man Who Sold The World:


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