Saturday, 7 January 2012


Another play named by Eric Rodwell in the 'The Rodwell Files'. The play involves the discard of a non-loser to enable an earlier ruff in the discarded suit. I have located a few more ex libris Terence Reese. I will do one hand per post.

In 4 you receive the T lead. If this is a singleton you are probably dead in the water. Can you do anything if it is a doubleton?

One possibility is to lead trumps and hope that they are 2-2. Another is to lead a spade, this would be a scissors coup. The is a part of the solution, but if you lead trumps after the diamond return then you will be defeated on the following layout.

You must continue leading spades and discard your diamond 'winners' from dummy. Does the name 'ruff-reversal shortshake' work for anybody?
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