Friday, 13 January 2012

Good Defence From Singapore

This defence was easier to find than I first thought. East's 2♣ bid was probably a general game force. West can place him with at most the KQJ♣, QJ, and the J♠ outside of hearts. Therefore he must have the A for the 2♣ bid. He still had to find the trumpp switch.

Note if East led the A instead, he must find the diamond switch. Now when south ruffs and leads a spade, West can jump in with the Q♠ to lead another diamond. Dummy only has the K left and thus the Q will be promoted to the setting trick.

This may seem like a very kind hand to display but I have a hand for next week where I called the director on my own partner. He was from the Malay Peninsula and I did not want people thinking I had a bias against that particular area.

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