Wednesday, 11 January 2012

More Shortshake, LOL

Another play named by Eric Rodwell in the 'The Rodwell Files' and the example is from the books of Terence Reese.

West leads the Q. You play low to presere the K as an entry (and in case East is void). East follows to the diamond but discards on the first round of trumps. You have 11 top tricks but the bad trump break means you will need to develop a trick in either spades or diamonds.

The clue was in the title: LOL (loser-on-loser). Lead the Q♣ discarding a low spade. If East has the AK&clubs, he cannot lead a diamond and you can take advantage of the layout below. Win the return, ruff a spade, draw trumps, ruff a spade, and return to the K for two diamond discards on the winning spades.

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