Thursday, 12 January 2012

Expert Shortcake

The shortshake is a play named by Eric Rodwell in the 'The Rodwell Files' and both these examples come from 'The Expert Game' by Terence Reese.

On the first hand South plays in 6♣ after East has made a pre-emptive overcall in spades - probably no Michael's* in those days. West leads the A♠ and continues with a spade. South discarded a diamond and East showed out on the Q&clubs. South turned to diamonds, playing the AK and ruffing the third round. Now they tried to get back to hand by playing A and ruffing - but West over-ruffed.

To avoid this, at trick two, South must discard a low heart on the K♠.

* I am going with the apostrophe against the spelling from all the resources - et tu Wikipedia?

In the previous example South had to discard the right loser. In this example, also played in 6♣ but with West making the spade pre-empt, he must discard the right winner. West opens with the A♠ and switches to a heart. He plays one round of trumps. When West shows out he reads him for long hearts.

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