Monday, 16 January 2012

Shortshake: Transferring The Ruff

Another play named by Eric Rodwell in the 'The Rodwell Files' and the example is from the Imagination and Technique in Bridge" by Tim Bourke and Martin Hoffman.

West leads the K♠ and East follows with the 2♠ You win the trick and cash the K. How do you continue?

You have ten tricks with 6+2+A♠+A♣. If hearts are no worse than 4-2 then you have the entries to establish the hearts. How do you cope with 5-1 hearts?

You are going to have to ruff twice in dummy. You can ruff one spade with the A but one of the ruffs will have to come in clubs. This means you cannot discard a club on the hearts. Instead you discard a spade (the shortshake) and after AK and a heart ruff, exit to West on a spade and discard a club. Ruff a spade high, ruff a club low, and finesse in trumps to recover the trump trick.

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