Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Away Goals Rule: YOLO!

I saw a tweet on Sunday evening linking to an NPR article titled 'New Teen Buzzword: Yolo'. I had seen the word recently when a young wrapper died moments after tweeting the following:
Some wise commentator pointed out  that the phrase could equally be 'you only die once'.

This reminded of the Away Goals rule. Often after a team has a 1-0 away victory I have heard someone say that they have a crucial/vital/important away goal. The away goals rule means that in an event of a tie after two legs the team with the most away goals advances. Of course since it is a tie that means they must have scored fewer home goals - maths! Furthermore they have conceded fewer home goals but conceded more away goals.

I propose the Away Goals Conceded rule. I don't see many people pointing out that a team that loses 1-0 away from home has conceded the vital away goal.

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