Saturday, 15 September 2012

NFL Week 1 Review - Seahawks @ Cardinals

My preview:
Seahawks -1 @ Cardinals: I really liked the Seahawks for the NFC West this year but how can there be any value left with them after all the Russell Wilson hype. The Cardinals QB situation is similar to the Jets in that they can only put one mediocre QB on the field. After the Bye last season the Cardinals went 6-4 losing 32-20 vs Steelers, 27-30 @ Ravens, 7-23 @ 49'ers and 16-23 @ Bengals. A lot of their wins involved Patrick Peterson pre-eminent punt performance but the Seahawks record away from Safeco Field tips me towards the Cardinals.

Take the Cardinals.
Firstly I have reviewed the Seahawks' performance and think their home/away performance discrepancy is overblown. Look to take advantage of that going forward.

The Cardinals' defence dominated throughout even though they gave up 13 points in the second half. Seattle scored a touchdown on a short field after an 83-yd kick-off return from Leon Washington and two field goals on three-and-outs - one following an interception and one following a 50-yd punt return from Washington.

As good as their defence is though I am backing the Pats offence as the best unit in the NFL. The 13.5 line is a large one but the Pats have the facing an East-coast team at 1pm thing.

The Seahawks face the Cowboys, who I am generally high on. When Murray is fit I think the Cowboys have an explosive offence and I am intrigued to see how much their improvement at corner will improve their defence - no faith in DC Roby Ryan though. Now that I am not a fan of the Seahawks' home form the Cowboys look like an easy play.

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