Saturday, 15 September 2012

NFL Week 1 Review - Bucs @ Panthers

My preview:
Panthers -1 @ Buccaneers  I think the Bucs could be a mini San Fran from last year because of the coaching upgrade. They have added some stars via free agency and were a lucky 11-win team two seasons ago. I think the key will be the return of Josh Freeman to being an average (or even slightly above) QB.

Take the Bucs
Good stuff from the Bucs. Odd that the worst run defence from last year held one of the elite rushing offences to just 10 yards. Perhaps Carolina coaches have made too much of an effort to make Cam a pocket passer and he was the main reason their rushing offence was so effective.

Not impressed with Freeman at all. By the sounds of it he had a lot of time to pass and he did not do much. I am still going to hold both these teams in the middle of the pack.

I am very confident for New Orleans against Carolina but I am not sure how the game will go. I am high on the NO offence and defence and down on the Carolina defence - and lukewarm on their offence. This could be a low-scoring or high-scoring game from my perspective.

If the Bucs were at home to the Giant I would be very confident in the Giants. The Giants constantly under perform at home but I think there has been two much of an over reaction to the Cowboys game. I think the play here is the Giants defence. The Giants are very thin in the secondary but Freeman hardly excelled when unmolested against Carolina - how will he cope when the Giants' defensive line may simply overwhelm his young offensive line.

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