Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Offensive Power Rankings

Offensive Power Rankings:

Don't put stock in rankings within groups.

1: Vacant - not ready to put anyone here

2 (1-4): Ravens - higher on their offence and lower on their defence than most. Patriots - kind of want to forgive them for the Hernandez injury but can't put them first.  Packers - no running game and worries about offensive line but best QB Saints - still not ready to give up on them.

3 (5-10): Giants - similar to Packers but inferior QB. Falcons - if I believed in their running game I would move them up. Julio Jones is outstanding. Houston - most balanced offence; Andre Johnson pust them above the 49ers. Detroit - another team with no running game. Bears - get an offensive line. Cowboys - worries about the interior line

4 (11-18): Broncos  - worries about the offensive line in no huddle on the road? Eagles - closest to dropping out if Vick does not start showing stuff. Steelers - classic Big Ben against the Jets but can it continue. Redskins - mostly owing to RGIII. Chargers - not the playmakers of old but still a Rivers fan. Panthers - Emergence of LaFell could push them higher. 49ers but Smith has looked good so far. Cinncinati - need more from Dalton, BJGE has looked good - probably the line.

5 (19-25):  Bucs - big-play VJ Jets - back to earth this week but not without intrigue. Bills - Fitzpatrick hampering an otherwise competent offence.  Seahawks, Colts, Miami - improvement from rookie QB's could see them climb. Chiefs - can't think of anything to say. Raiders - Palmer has surpassed my expectations for him. It is time to cut him some slack.

6 (26-29): Vikings, Jags, Browns, Rams - young QBs in similar situations. Richardson moved the Browns up to here.

7 : Cardinals - poor Fitzgerald. Titans - where have you gone Chris Johnson? I still like Locker

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